xixi sister support

During these unprecedented times we have all had more challenges than we ever thought we would this year. From health issues to financial instability there are sisters that are really struggling right now, some more than others. Xi Xi wants to do everything we can to support our sisters in need. 


Many of the collegians at Delta Omicron chapter have been hit with unemployment, and are trying to figure out how to pay for school, make ends meet, and continue to be a part of our amazing sisterhood. As an alum I am sure you all know that Alpha Chi Omega can provide solace during difficult times, and collegians need our sisterhood and support now more than ever. 

Xi Xi, although not a non-profit, can still help. So that no member of delta omicron has to leave our sisterhood due to loss of income during the pandemic, we are starting Xi Xi Sister Support. This fund will assist Delta Omicron chapter members who are struggling to pay their dues and need help to make ends meet. 


Assistance will be gifted through an application process with a referral from the Chapter Relations & Standards Board. CRSB will go over all other options with the member and, if no other option works for that member, CRSB will recommend them as a candidate for Xi Xi Sister Support. 

Life is not easy for college students right now. There are members of Delta Omicron who have lost their jobs, are living at home, paying for school on their own, and struggling to cover tuition and the cost of AXO dues. There are members who are caring for their family, going to school full time, and still making time for Alpha Chi Omega, because it's that important to them. They are Real. Strong. Women. They belong in Alpha Chi Omega, but simply cannot afford everything, even after dues have been reduced.

Donate today

You can help a sister in need. Please donate what you can to Xi Xi Sister Support (please include "Sister Support" in a note). Every little bit counts. All donations made with a note will financially assist a Delta Omicron sister who really needs it by covering part or all of her Alpha Chi Omega dues for Spring term at Portland State. All donations not used this term will be kept for assistance in the future. We hope to build up Xi Xi Sister Support for members who apply for years to come.  

Thank you for supporting Real. Strong. Women.!

together let us seek the heights